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Ministry of Food
Social Chef

Jamie’s Ministry of Food in London asked our team to find a way to keep their keep their participants engaged in healthy cooking after completing their courses. The majority of participants tends to fall back on their own habits when they resume life in their own communities.

We use Service Design methods to study these communities, their habits and values. This research offered us a holistic scope of the case and the tools needed to set up an effective solution. Social Chef is an engaging platform that stimulates graduated participants to continue approving their skillset while motivating and socializing with their group. The platform offers several incentives to satisfy the needs of different participant-types using their intrinsic motivation. Thus every individual can use Social Chef according to their own needs and desires.

Social Chef provides intriguing challenges to engage the participants in trying new things and sharing their creations, experiences and recipes with each other. Based on the completed recipes the platform can award certain skill types to each participant, offering them a sense of growth, ownership and a sense of specialization. This stimulates these participants to stay engaged with each other and consult others for advice, help or collaborations.


Jamie Oliver
Ministry of Food



Robert Jan van der Kaaij


October 2014

Creating an
Engagement loop

A successful engagement loop stimulates participant over a longer timespan and can establish changes in their behavior. In this process, it is essential to understand the needs and value of the target audience combined with the realization that each individual can have different motivations. Breaking these motivations down into several types and incorporating tools for each type ensures that an individual can thrive with intrinsic motivation.